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Declaration of the national anthem, Fascist Republic of Latine.
[Image: eO0M1mx.png]

Latine Monarch,
His Highness' Royal Circle.

Oh great Latine, the only one and only haven to store our beliefs and misconceptions, reverse them in their reactions I plee and make the world peaceful once again thanks to thee. 

Greetings to all Latine supporters and great micro-nation leaders which are leading us in the right direction to a better and safer micro-nation community. I write this letter today to inform you all of our first ever rendition of our every so great national anthem. Our soon to be national anthem was chosen by yours truly because I believe it efficiently conveys peace and loving through the Latin in which it speaks. Latine will be a very unbiased micro-nation when it comes to religion, absolutely not religious prejudice shall be put over anyone. So now we get onto to national anthem;

O Sanctissima - Cathedral singers of Richard Prolux.

I am going to put forward and enforce quite heavily that this when this national anthem is being played. Whether that be at a gathering or online. It would be immoral not to be silent and be in peace with each other. This anthem represents Latine as a country, its founders and the motherland in which I lay my feet upon. I hope you all support me in this being our national anthem, I personally think its a perfect pick for us.

Thank you for reading this very important and consequence-full letter.

'Tread Lightly'.
Yours sincerely Regem, Benjamin I.
[Image: 6MUXOU0.png]

Benjamin I,
Regem of Latine,
Latine Monarch,
Fascist Republic of Latine.

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