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Changes to Latine which need to be made.
[Image: eO0M1mx.png]

Latine Monarch,
His Highness' Royal Circle.

So, I have never would of thought I would have to change something so quickly just because of some individuals thinking it is okay to plaster us with terms such as 'troll'. Well, I am saying this right now and people need to know this. Yes. We're a fascist micro-nation, If you think this is wrong or not needed then you speaking out about it will not change anything about how my micro-nation is run, sorry but its true and you all need to know that. So if I dont want to give into the criticism from some people then why am I changing things? I am changing some things about Latine because I want show people that I can change my micro-nation for the better and become better based off positive advice.

Its simple what I am going to change in the next couple of hours or so, the flag. Our beliefs will be changed at little bit too as I have realised quite recently that when I made this micronation I thought that the Fascist right-wing belief was a good choice to voice my beliefs in real life but now I see this is not the case. Latine will have its name changed slightly to something which does not so much push our beliefs onto anyone just reading our micro-nation title. I am thinking just "Kingdom of Latine" or something similar but I guess you will have to wait and see. I will post an updated flag on these topic soon enough, Thank you for reading and I hope my offences against everyone in the micro-nation community can subside.

"Tread Lightly."
Yours Sincerely, Regem Benjamin I.
[Image: 6MUXOU0.png]

Benjamin I,
Regem of Latine,
Latine Monarch,
Fascist Republic of Latine.
Can you please just make one thread to post all your announcements?
[Image: attachment.php?aid=992]
Nick Fredriksson
Of Sademaara, formerly of Førvania

Hmmm, I guess. I will do it after I have finished with current affairs.
[Image: 6MUXOU0.png]

Benjamin I,
Regem of Latine,
Latine Monarch,
Fascist Republic of Latine.
It's not so much that we're offended as it is that we're just trying to make sure you will be a helpful member of the community and not a jerk, to put it bluntly. So far, however, it's apparent to me that you have deep-set beliefs which you are willing to really think about and not just opinions that you're trying to punch into people's heads. If you have a good reason for using the swastika (i.e., because it's a lucky charm for a specific ethnic group that you come from), then I don't see a problem. On the other hand, you may want to change some things for the sake of PR. People will assume things before you can explain, and then you'll never be able to explain.
Why a nazi symbol
President of Pontillius, Emperor of Woslydor, Autocrat of Bohemia, and Reigonal General of Microcali.

Founded on December 31st 2016


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