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Kingdom Of Melenia
We are Meleninia.
We run on a full democracy with some small elements of marxism.
You must adress me as the president
Population - Currently 2 although trying desperately to grow...
Macronation - NZ but with room for expansion with foreign terrotories
Leader/Head of state - I, President Gmoat/Oliver - But you can call me Gmoat
Foundation - 1 October 2017
Official Languages - English, Esperanto, Mandarin.

A small amount of history.
The Kindom of Meleninia was founded one day after President Gmoat got sick of the way current governments were run, he believed that he could form a better way of running things, so he gathered up a friend, made a name, constitution, currency, so on so forth.

Some special things about us.
We run primarily over the internet. We allow online registration to become a citizen - It is free incase you were wondering, but in exchange, any land owned by you becomes a foreign territory of Meleninia. - I'll give you the discord link at the end. We also do not believe in the concept of a monetary system, we operate fully in physical trades of objects.

Areas of strength - A stable government, good policy, and a nice economy

What do we want to achieve with MicroWiki? We want to gain some recognition, maybe gain some residents, and find some trading partners to become and avid member of the micro nation community

Discord link -
Below is our flag and all current teritories

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Do you have a map of your controlled territory? I would love to see photos of Melena, or Meleninia, whichever it is...since I notice you spell your country inconsistently....

The rest I leave to you.
Okay, I'm making a map as we speak, I shall also be fixing the spelling errors, I'll get back to you soon
There, I have now added a screenshot of our map of current teritories
Welcome to the forums, dude!
 [Image: Flag_of_San_Dover.png]

Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith

Co-Founder and Leader of the Drew Star Line Legacy (2005-)
Creator and Caretaker of the Sunþrawegaz Kuningadōmas (2017-)

Uskorian Knight of the Bachelorette, Novian Baroness of the Fennec Fox,
Recipient of the Sovereign Order of the Rose, Recipient of the Order of Uskor, Member of the Austenasian Order.

Welcome! By full democracy, does that mean that every citizen is a member of the legislature?

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