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What government system do you use?
Government: Unitary Single-Party Conservative National Socialist Constitutional Dictatorship
- His Excellency, The Führer of the Greater Dashist Reich
Unitary representative democracy under a multi-party directorial republic. Council of Ministers has both executive and legislative powers.
President Prokop Horejs
Republic of Cambria
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(1 Nov 2017, 18:55:20)Marka Mejakhansk Wrote: what different government systems do we have around these days?
How do you organise things?

The Kingdom of Kohlandia is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen as the Head of State. Her Parliamentary Government is composed of a Prime Minister and his or her appointed Ministers forming the Executive branch. The Legislative branch is composed of all eligible adult Citizens, who legislate based on direct democracy.

The Queen chooses whether to grant any legislation voted through by the Parliament attains Royal Assent; although any legislation that is refused Royal Assent is returned to Parliament any may be forced through as law by supermajority vote after a period of 1 year. The system is an experiment in whether "tyranny of the majority" can result in a workable country with equal rights for all.
The Empire of Barbettia is a constitutional diarchy, with two Kings as the current Heads of State. There is also a President, elected by popular vote, who makes decisions should the Kings disagree. In addition, the President can serve as an adviser to the Kings, and a powerful representative of the people's opinions. All powers are given to the Kings by the constitution, but the Kings are allowed to delegate this power to anyone they choose. This gives them the freedom to form a congress elected by the people (by delegating their legislative power to this congress), or to form courts (by delegating their power to judges). In practice, this has not occurred because the country is still to small, but it gives us flexibility for the future. Referendums can also be held by the Kings, where citizens vote and whatever they decide must be respected. Amendments can be made to our constitution only with the approval of 60% of the voting population or 75% of voters present.
King James of the Empire of Barbettia
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Wildwood is an Enlighted Semi-Constitutional Monarchy. For those who are curious, this link is our "constitution".
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The Democratic Republic of Pinang is a Presidential Republic.
President ad Interim of Pinang
President of the Liberal Anti-Salvinian Party
Mayor of Estosadok
General of Military Forces

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