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dysnomia: the stateless state
[Image: UNaq6SQ.png]


today marks, on an "official" level, the creation of dysnomia, the new discordian religious (dis)order - the only of its kind.

i have written a small manifesto of sorts explaining what dysnomia is, what we're about, and why anyone should care in the first place. you can read it on google drive here.

this thread, from this point on, will host anything from news about dysnomia, news about myself, art, little "sermons" about eris, or whatever else. feel free to reply to anything i post here without restraint.

hail eris.
[Image: pagedivider.png]
the founder of dysnomia.
Welcome back, King-Pope Marvel! I'm loving Dysnomia already... May I join?
[Image: Sun%C3%BErawegaz_Flag.png] [Image: Flag_of_New_Providence_2.png] [Image: San_Dover_Flag_2.png]

Violette "Suzuki" Leōcor

Creator and Caretaker of the Sunþrawegaz Kuningadōmas (2017-), 
Founder and Empress of the Empire of New Providence (2018-),
Founder and High Priestess of the Sovereign San Doverian Order of Historical Preservation (2017-)

Co-founder and Former President of the Republic of Drew Star Line (2005; 2006, 2007-2017)

Uskorian Knight of the Bachelorette, Novian Baroness of the Fennec Fox, Recipient of the Sovereign Order of the Rose, Recipient of the Order of Uskor.

Welcome Back!

Comrade Abel

(23 Jan 2018, 12:26:08)Suzuki/Violette Wrote: Welcome back, King-Pope Marvel! I'm loving Dysnomia already... May I join?

if you want in on the Discordian Society
then declare yourself what you wish,
do what you like,
and tell us about it,
or, if you prefer, don't.

thank you everyone for welcoming me back. i'm glad to be here.
[Image: pagedivider.png]
the founder of dysnomia.
The question is, if people don't tell you whether or not they're citizens, how are you going to run an effective government? Or is that just not the point?
Maybe in a Nutopia-style way?
Daniel Lee
Chancellor of Corentan
Leader of Corentan's big Citizens' Party
de facto despot
Also a big car guy

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