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Provisional Government Established
Took you awhile :^)
[Image: Chaosundivided.png]

"Reduced to Himself, Man is too Wicked to be Free"
- Joseph de Maistre
Quote:The Saxon Empire, as you correctly infer, consists of no states or territory, and the office of Saxon emperor, though not yet abdicated, will likely be. The fate of the Saxon Empire, according to the prudence of the Holy Office, is still being decided. In the reformation of the Holy Empire, the individual states, free cities, &c are also subject to this work. It is for that reason that we have removed the Atlas of the Holy Empire from our Wiki page, as the Atlas will undoubtedly change in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your answer.

As long as New Israel lays no claim to land or institutions associated with the Angle-Saxish Kingdom, and formerly with Saxmark and West Germania, there shall be no opposition from the Angle-Saxish Kingdom.

While we will pursue our respective Protestant and Roman Catholic policies within our jurisdictions, I see no reason to maintain any hostility.

I expect that I will continue to support New Israel in most, if not all, areas of social policy.

Furthermore, I concur that New Israel never ceased to exist, and therefore I was mistaken to refer to its re-establishment.
[Image: Angle-saxish_coa.png]

Welcome back, Markus! It'll be interesting to see how New Israel develops more.

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