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Constitution of Atovia
Greetings all,

I have recently begun to write the constitution of Atovia, and I would appreciate any feedback. The constitution is currently 34 pages long with 13,767 words. It is based on both the Swiss Federal Constitution and the German Grundgesetz. I tried to adapt the basic ideas of both into my constitution, though I may have missed some things. Currently it is in the first draft, and as such, it is not complete and it also has many sections that will not be in the final draft.

I welcome any and all feedback, be it legal or grammatical. I have attached the text as a PDF.

Thank you, and good day.

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Moved to Law. I will read the Constitution properly and give feedback in a bit.
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I admit that I only skimmed through, but it seems that your constitution excessively enumerates a lot of policies and rights. There are a lot of redundancies, and not enough explanation on the precise form and separations of government. For instance, is the following Article really necessary?

Article 135: Customs duties Wrote:(1) The national government is responsible for legislation on customs duties and other duties on the cross-border
movement of goods.

That power would be implicit if you merely said "The national government shall have power to regulate commerce", or something similar to that.

Otherwise, a good start.
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