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Isn't so-called "progressive" ideology irrelevant?
In modern western countries, a lot of people's opinions say that progressive groups work for liberating disadvantaged oppressed groups. But is it really a progressive movement at all? These people and groups are even saying that their fight for equality and social justice never ends, meanwhile for the last six or more decades, the morale or socio-economic measures for historically "dominant" groups have fell a little backwards, and frequently are under attack or being mocked, a lot of the time even stooping to physical violence and destruction. People very rarely deserve to have their whole lives or career damaged or under threat only because for stating or showing an unpopular political or social opinion. It's messed up and crosses the line.

Is our world really more "progressive", even any more than decades or more ago?

An example is males, who are a historically dominant gender group. Why did the work to gain girls and women more rights and less prejudice have to come at the expense of the indicators for men and boys, who have began to fall behind today? Where is the outcry of cultural stereotypes and standards that males face the short end of in life, where women have successfully battled about themselves? And only men who want to say it have fear of being labeled as "misogynist". It really only looks like "guys have it better" on the surface. There are the other examples that I won't cover in paragraphs right now.

Also apologize if the thread title sounds too unspecific.
"Fall" does not represent a reversal of the dominance, but merely an introduction of equality.
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While I understand where you're coming from, and don't disagree with a lot of your points, the way you present the case makes me automatically want to oppose you. Don't try arguing from a position of authority. You come off as condescending and it will keep people from being on your side, even if they agree with you. The whole argument is put together in a haphazard way that is confusing to read and muddles what you're trying to get across. Your points, however valid they might be if presented differently, come off as both aggressive and whiny at the same time. It is also riddled with grammatical and spelling errors which distract from your argument.

As a straight white male, I too am tired of being blamed for everything wrong in the world and I am more than frustrated and annoyed by many of the current generation of hypocritical liberals and progressives who claim that any success I may have is only due to my gender and race - but I don't go about expressing my frustration like you are doing here. It doesn't win you any friends... any more than the contemptible actions of progressives you deride - even if they have the full support of the main stream media and the entertainment industry. If it bothers you, don't get on a soapbox. They have that field locked down. Make yourself heard by your actions. Vote, volunteer, work hard to be successful just to spite them ("greatness itself is the best revenge" - Ron F'in Swanson), donate your money, donate your time, and try not to be the caricature of the group that they want to degrade. When you do that, you're just giving them more ammo.
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Mens in industry lost their position because they are useless. It's not "guy fall behind today", you are just suck and failed to compete with women in the same field. You have no skill to compete so all you can do is ranting, not even think about improving yourself and proof you are the one who worth that position. Shame.

Always remember, survival of the fittest still working nowaday.
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Go proof yourself you worth it.
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The simple truth is that humans need each other. Men, women, gay, straight, trans, black, white... We all depend intimately on the fruits of other people's contribution to our happiness. To me, at least, the only sensible and sustainable way forward is to ensure that all people are given protection and the basic tools they need to live, love and learn in accordance with their calling.

Blaming each other is probably never going to work very well, rather we need to find better ways to collaborate and co-exist in spite of differences. Having said that though, anyone with a modicum of reflective ability will quickly realize that there have been, and still are, unresolved problems in terms of the uneven distribution of resources, freedoms and privileges. I think, and it is only my personal opinion, that real progress isn't possible as long as some people, or ethnic groups, or genders or lgbt-people etc aren't treated fairly and equally.
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