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Reintroducing the Democratic Republic of Vemoria
Greetings all,

Since 2016, the Democratic Republic of Vemoria (founded and declared as independent on August 4, 2014) has underwent a series of revamping and revitalizing measures to ensure that the sovereignty and continued existence of our nation is ensured. A new Constitution has been in the works, being carefully drafted over a period of two years.

With this, we find it only fit to reintroduce ourselves to the micronational community and to issue a formal apology to all who had established diplomatic and/or formal relations with the Democratic Republic. Our sudden and unannounced departure from the micronational community was rude and, quite frankly, unprofessional. That being said, Vemoria has finally emerged from our former state of isolation, choosing to instead venture out to make new connections and seize the opportunity to establish ties with our neighbors and other micronations abroad.

As of March 5, 2018:

The Democratic Republic of Vemoria sits as a small micronation on the North American continent, landlocked within the globally-recognized United States of America. Vemoria exists within former Macon County, Missouri, having relinquished formerly-claimed territories in Randolph and Boone counties. With this, the single state of Winston encompasses the entirety of the micronation. Vemoria exists as a democratic, bicameral government in a state of armed neutrality, possessing an military that will act given order by the President (given a demand be dire enough or one that would rely on human intervention to prevent the impeding of basic human rights). The city of Macon is the current capital of Vemoria.

Vemoria is a democratic republic, in which the people democratically elect their officials and other representatives through public elections. The leader of the nation is a President, who agrees upon their inauguration to execute the laws of the land faithfully and indiscriminately. The President also serves as Commander of the Vemorian Armed Forces. Serving alongside the President is the Vice Chairman, who oversees the Vemorian Senate as a moderator of debate and tie-breaker when it concerns legislative matters.

The National Secretary serves to aid the President and Vice Chairman, overseeing many civilian agencies and providing aid to Vemorian citizens who are in need. The N.S. is the Head of the Vemorian House of Delegates, acting as a counterpart to the Vice Chairman (having the same duties in a different branch of legislature).

President Brayden Morgan is serving his second term in office, up for re-election later this year. Vice Chairman Joshua Ratley and National Secretary Allison Hayes are also serving their second terms in office.

Here is some more information regarding the Democratic Republic:

National Currency: Vemorian Note (1 Note = .5 American dollars), U.S. Dollar

National Tree: Maple

National Animal: Domestic cat

National Anthem: "Vemoria, Shine On"

National Flower: Sunflower

National Motto: "Constans et numquam in." ("Persevere and never give in.")

National Language(s): English, French, Braedillian

National Religion: Secular

The Democratic Republic of Vemoria is open to diplomatic and /or formal relations with other micronations worldwide. It would be an honor and a privilege to discuss relations with other micronational leaders and to discuss potential trade, creation of embassies, and diplomacy. We are aware that this thread post is not the most comprehensive piece regarding the Democratic Republic, so please feel free to reach out to us for any questions or to request additional information not provided here.

We wish you the best and have a wonderful day.

- President Morgan
of the Democratic Republic of Vemoria
Welcome back to the forums!
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Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith

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Thank you!

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