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Debate: Feminism, is it really needed?
This is the first actual debate contest I'll do. Just think of the other topic as a "pilot" of some sort. This week's topic is: Feminism, is it really needed? 
Please note that this is not limited to a certain situation, and this is not a dumb 8 year old fight; unprofessional posts like "feminism sucks because girls are suck" and "yes bcuz they're is no ekwality" will be rated harshly by me. Anyone is free to pick a side, and have an opinion, since this has almost turned into a society where every opinion except third-wave feminism isn't allowed. I'm here to see everyone's opinions, and there are no losers or winners.
Best of luck to all debaters.
Daniel Lee
Wow this really is outdated
Give a right, not privilege
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It's been apparent in many cultures, as well as political systems, that women have had not quite an equal chance of being safe and cared for by a nation's government, or making decisions that entirely pertain to them. In the United States, which is all I can personally vouch for, isn't quite off from my claim. There is a constant argument over whether or not men should be able to pass laws meant for women, and since this is usually debated by men, there is a clear victory of this. We have taxes on tampons and pads as luxury items when they should just be considered a near necessity for a woman during her menstrual cycle. Bringing up abortion, we have issues where religion interferes with politics and even if abortion is necessary, men prohibit women from getting safe abortions across the country. Rape is even legalized to an extent when concerning a man assaulting a woman. In the more conservative states do we have woman required to uphold normal child-bearing laws, such as anything concerning custody or abortion, they must contact the rapist, of which who had ruined their life with their actions towards her in the first place. But men need feminism, too. we should also be able to protect their rights over their own bodies, making sure that male rape and assault victims are just as protected as female victims.

We need feminism so that we can create an equitable society for all peoples, not just for women, but for men. It's not meant to be misandry, as many people believe, but a step forward towards a much more fair and safe society. My scope on this topic is very, as you say, limited, but this is what I know to give my two cents.

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I think that the idea of Feminism is a good thing , it advocates equal rights for women all across the world and has done many of good things. But like many good things some radicals take it to far and some radicals can create other radicals which introduce wave 3. wave 3 started out good advocating the rights to other ethnic gropes, and the LGBT community, but then it changed around the 2000s when the radicals became the loud minority, and it changed feminism to a disgusting creature, many people think that this is a continuation of wave 3  but i like to think this as it's own wave, called wave 4. How can we stop wave 4? well educate these feminists many people become radical in all gropes through uneducation and anger some had a bad experience with certain men and in result become radicals, some are just plain uneducated, and with this we can prevent radicals and this will also prevent radical opposes of feminism to.
I believe, while feminism in nature is a good-purposed movement striving for equality, which is great, isn't needed in the western, or "first world", as it is commonly said. I don't think this needs to be banned(well if I could, I would find a loophole for the third-wave), but shouldn't be encouraged as much as it is currently. Equality, that I believe in, is, or almost is, achieved. There are still some flaws, and many flaws in some regions, and those regions are where feminism is needed. I'll take on a neutral stance for this one.
Also, third-wave feminism, yuck, go put that stuff in the trash
Daniel Lee
Wow this really is outdated

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