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New national anthem!
I would like to present my proposal for the new Austenasian anthem: Land of Roman Legacy. This piece is composed by myself, with the lyrics also written by me. The lyrics may be found in the video description, but I'll post them below anyway. The lyrics, as you will see, are highly centered around Austenasia's claim as the successor of the Roman Empire. The musical application I have used for this composition is sadly not that fantastic, so if anyone has any better applications to arrange this piece, please tell me and I will send the sheet music.

       [Image: Personal_CoA_of_Patrick_I.png]          
H.I.M  Patrick I, Emperor of Paravia,
King of Hoppalobindia,
 King Of Demirelia,
Vorsitzender of the Abeldane Empire,
Former Emperor of Nedland,
  Former Prime minister of Alenshka,
  And former Acting Premier of DRCC
 For folk og Rike

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