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New Kermadec Union
(19 May 2018, 07:50:08)Suzuki Leōcor Wrote: Past the Union Council, which is composed of the heads of state of each member plus two elected representatives, the KU will have 10 boards, each responsible for fullfilling a part of the Union's purpose. They are:
- Board of Economics: responsible mostly for the Kollarzone, but can also give advise on currency types and budget planning for members. The BOE is probably going to be the most unique branch of the KU, since its services will be made available to non-KU members.
- Board of Defense: responsible for advising on military and law enforcement matters.
Where will the assemblies take place?
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For more informations:
Just an update for everyone who still cares:

The Kermadec Union has been on a state of standby lately, as its core members figure out the current situation with our own polities. A lot of us have been struggling to find time or purpose for our micronational endeavors, and this has in turn directly affected the Kermadec Union's ability to function at this point in time.

Thank you.
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