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Irish abortion referendum, let's have a debate!
(26 May 2018, 17:32:27)Tjorvi Wrote: The final vote count is in! 66.4% of Ireland voted to become a more compassionate place! Ireland has voted to repeal the law!

I don't understand how this is in any way compassionate, but even if you're right, assuming 90% of the people who voted yes were baptised Catholics, by my calculations the Catholic Church lost about 1.3 million members yesterday, because all of those people excommunicated themselves from the Catholic Church by voting for infanticide.

1.3 more million people who, deservedly, will burn in hell for all eternity unless they repent and return to the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

Satan laughs!
Correction: they voted to make sure that infanticide was happening on their terms rather than just having people go abroad to do it anyway under laws completely out of Irish control, whch 3,000 of them were doing every year.
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