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The Empire of Besavaria
Name: The Empire of Besavaria
Short Name: Besavaria

Motto: Per Felicitatem Intelligenti
National Anthem: Piano Man
Official Language: Besavarii (English with some grammar made proper)

Capital: Armuafanii
Form of Government: Empire
Emperor: Braeden Pauley (Beseiged I)

Currency: Marrel
All law will be handled by the Courts of Besavaria

National Animal: Hermaphrodite Monkeys
Welcome to the forums! I like that flag, by the way.
 [Image: Flag_of_San_Dover.png]

Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith

Co-Founder and Leader of the Drew Star Line Legacy (2005-)
Creator and Caretaker of the Sunþrawegaz Kuningadōmas (2017-)

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Recipient of the Sovereign Order of the Rose, Recipient of the Order of Uskor, Member of the Austenasian Order.


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