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Palmarino Awards of 2018
The citizens of Andany are happy to announce the privately owned Palmarino Awards Corporation will be hosting the Palmarino Awards! These awards are very prestigious and highly looked for in Andany and other micronations. The Awards will happen on the Independence Day of Andany (July 25 [2018]). The guests invited to the Awards are the following: Liberland, Alperia, Millania and New Grenada, Duke, Tupos, and POSAF. We congratulate all  guests on being invited to the only awards ceremony in Andany, as of yet. Any awards given will be from the five categories: science, literature, peace, and music. NOTE: Not all  guests will recieve an award. They were invited because they were very close to getting the award. Each guest will have one representative that will be attending the Awards physically. All representatives WILL make a semi-short speech on the award. Since this will happen on-the-spot, guests are highly recommended to provide a blurb of each award, just in case they win it to know what they'll say. Congratulations to everyone that was invited and the Palmarino Awards will be livestreaming from the Ginepro Concert Hall and Theater!

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"If it was the truth, there would only be one way of explaining what it is. If it were a lie, there would be a million ways to describe it."
~ Pablo Macías, 2018

His Majesty Prince Pablo Ailani Macías of the Principality of Andany

Yay! Thank you andany!
Prince Tom Yusuf Kap I of the Principality of Duke


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