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Hello, guys. I spectate some time for mn activity out of Russian language segment (because into Russia language segment have not seriously mn at this time).

And i see what absolutely every mn create their own currency. But, also I see, what all this currency don’t interact with each other and it’s, in fact, don’t help for development your economy and cross micronationl cooperation (how it is in world between not mn countries)

So, I think may be develop over state system, where absolutely everyone mn could create their own national bank and can exchange their currency with other country. This could look like: we have one global bank where is abstract currency for definition cross currency course. And everyone central banks make registration they currency in this global bank and set exchange rate their currency against global abstract currency. And cross currency rate definition by ratios of all rates.

Like, if we have two states which create they currency like: first state (fs) and second state (ss) also we have abstract currency (ac).

Next, first state set rate (fs) like 1 fs = 100 ac, and second state set rate (ss) like 1 ss = 150 ac. Thus we can know what 1 (ss) = 1.5 (fs) and by this way we can cross rate currency in mn.

And also, if someone state will set their rate too big, another country can refuse to participate in transactions with this state until this state lower the rate. This will dynamically form level of rates based on ability state support their currency rate.

Sorry for my English) isn’t not good)but, I hope you have understand about my idea.

Who have telegram, can write to me and deliberate about this model. Who know, may be we’ll develop it, if it will need here)

My telegram (or just @kansas)
You should make banknotes , you can have it simple at first.

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