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On criticism and enabling
I'd like to begin by saying that we all make bad decisions. As in, we can be properly dumb. One time I made the head of state of my micronation be a cartoon chicken. That's not even a joke. I had reasoning at the time, but I can now say it wasn't very good.

Even worse, I did BTEC Media. Who even does that?

That's okay. A great way to learn is to make mistakes. We don't all have time to get everything wrong though, despite how hard I apparently try, so if you're willing to listen, you can learn from other people's mistakes.

There's a lot of new people on these forums. I'm glad. I want this community to do well, and I hope you enjoy your time. If you're new, you're gonna need to learn. And mistakes are how we learn.

We've all been new, which means we've all made mistakes. And we can tell you when you're making one. We have an entire concept of "YAMO" (Yet Another Micronational Organisation) because so many of us have tried forming a micronational organisation that was never going to last.

But there's been a few occasions where new people, unfamiliar with these ideas, can encourage people to try "new things". And then the legitimate concerns of those who can see the flaws in an idea are ignored and unanswered, because people like to hear the encouragement, not criticism, which is natural, but unhealthy.

I'm rambling, but I'll try to get to my point. It's not a good idea to encourage an idea for the sake of it. I know it's nice and that's good, but sometimes it's best to let people face criticism. And also, be able to face criticism. We're not saying it to be mean, but we've seen things fail before. If you genuinely believe your idea can work, then you should be able to answer the criticism.

And if I'm wrong, well, we all make mistakes.
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Thank you for this post. I think this is very important, and key to the continuing growth of the community.
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We the people are nice, bur imperfect. We indeed all make mistakes, some are not so important some are, but it is important that we all can fix our mistakes and try to not repeat them. We all indeed can be dumb sometimes, but it is normal, it shows us that we are human beings. Criticism is not telling "you are so dumb", but it is advising people on how to fix their mistakes and how to not repeat them. If one does mistake, please, do not harass him, talk with him, help him, advise him. And I agree, thank yoi for posting it!
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