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The Diprojovinak Republic
The Diprojovinak Republic is a semi-democratic republic. Elections are held annually to elect a President, although I have final say in any decisions. The President appoints half of our government and I appoint the remaining half. The Diprojovinak Republic has two land claims currently - my house and a large field situated about 200 metres away.

The Diprojovinak Republic is not aiming to claim independence from the UK currently although we may look into that in the future. Right now, we are focusing on ensuring all citizens have a sense of belonging and feel involved in all decisions. If we decide that a split from the UK is best for Diprojovinak, then we will hold a referendum. This is a way of making sure all citizens have a say.

Location: Southwest England
Diprojovinak Citizens Are Called: Diprojovinakians or Diprojovs
National Anthem: *In Progress*
Official Languages: English
Unofficial Secondary Languages: Spanish, French, Italian
Currency: Great British Pound, Diprojo
The Government System will work as shown in the image below. The King picks the roles highlighted in blue and the President appoints those in green.
If you're going to reference an image, be sure to include it ;)
The Government of the Kingdom of Madrona in exile

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Edward Daniels
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(20 Jun 2018, 21:51:40)Tjorvi Wrote: If you're going to reference an image, be sure to include it ;)
oh yes, I hadn't realised I hadn't included it :O
I've already turned my laptop off for tonight so I'll attach it tomorrow.

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