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Welcome to the Republic of Iska. We are a democratic state aiming to eventually secede from the UK, by whom we are surrounded.
Currently, I am Iska's only citizen, or Iskian. I am also the President. We will soon be holding elections in which you can run for Democratic Leader, and run the parliament.
All Iskians have the right to vote regardless of age.
A citizenship form can be found here:
Our official language is English but French is understood as a second language. We use the Great British Pound.
Our website is currently under development.

And yes, we are serious about micronationalism.
Only staff can see IP addresses, but welcome nonetheless
The Government of the Kingdom of Madrona in exile

o Nationalist o Activist o Monarchist o Royalist o Separatist o Humanist o Philanthropist o Realist o Research Scientist o Imperialist o Patriot o Progressive o
You can apply for Democratic Leader, or a role in the Home/Foreign Office or the Military.

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