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JULY 11, 2018

The Peoples Republic of Malakongea has been formed in the southwest of England. With a small land claim of around 350 square metres, the Republic can not accept any other residents. However, we are currently working on a website where any hopeful citizens can apply for online identification.

Online Identification, or oID, allows the holder to vote in upcoming elections - and many other features will be added in the future.
Malakongea uses the British Pound for currency, although we are developing our own - which should be out by September.

the government elections - dei varensealke

Once an oID is obtained, you will be able to vote online in Dei Varensealke between August 11 and August 25 2018. Before August 11, any Malakogean will be able to fill in a form on their oID form, indicating that they wish to run for leadership. They will need to provide their name, party name and what they wish to do if elected.

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