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Me, Micronationally
Alright guys, I’m on holiday and bored out of my mind.

This is a thread for people to update us all on what their status in MicroWiki is, and let us know what they’re working on over the mid- to long- term. It is not a thread for updates from micronations; it’s a thread to help everyone stay up to speed with how active or not everyone else is.

With respect to myself, I’m hoping to become a little more active after a spell of quiet. I’m going to be slightly cautious, as I’m about to begin my school Sixth Form and need to balance my time appropriately. I’m also hoping to take my Grade 8 French horn exam by the end of this year.

That said, I’m planning a few things.

Firstly, Harius and I are working on a new micronation. It’s going to be a bit different, but I’m not going to tell you about it now, as we haven’t decided when we’re going public with it.

Secondly, through inventive use of free software, I’m hoping to start the a micro national archive service (separate thread on this possibly to follow). My plan is to develop an online repository/searchable database of important micronational documents from across the community.

Thirdly, I’m going to try and put together a portfolio of my legal work. My plan is to adapt the Norsk constitution and code for an independent ‘Republic of Scotland,’ and then write the documents for a fictional court case in this fictional Scottish country. Basically, I want to have something, unrelated to micronationalism, that I can show people (predominately universities) to demonstrate my legal work.

For years, I’ve been toying with the idea of establishing a micronational law school. I probably don’t have time, but this is something that might just possibly develop over the next few months.

Finally, I’ll continue working on the forums and wiki. Amongst other things, I’d like to go through the ‘General discussion’ board and move some threads in to more appropriate specific boards.

Do please let us know of your own activities!
Anthony R Clark
Forum and wiki admin

'...holds the micronational record for being named/responsible for the vast majority of micronational litigation.'
-Daily Micronational

My current goals for the next year or so are to get both Adammia and the GUM fully up-and-running with the stabilisers off. I want to be able to take a step back and for them to keep on going without me holding their respective hands.

For Adammia, this means a massive recruitment drive at my university come Freshers Week in the autumn. The idea is to get enough new people involved to replace the current cohort when they graduate. With some luck, Adammia may be able to maintain a presence at UoB even after I graduate in two years time. It's a similar idea with the GUM - I intend to recruit many new member states, get the new Guides project up and running, and build towards the end goal which is the UK-based summit in around a year's time.

I want to be able to take a step back from micronationalism satisfied that my work is done because there are many things which I want to turn my attention to in the Liberal Democrats, my UK political party. I may give the chairship of my university's Lib Dem society another shot next March, or I may try and get on to the national Young Liberals committee, who knows. Eventually I do want to try and get through the party's parliamentary candidate approval process, hopefully in time to stand as a candidate at the next UK general election - although I'm not quite ready for that yet.

We're new and active, this Kingdom is my life goal.
Mid term we're looking to establish some social welfare programs, grants, loans, et cetera. Over the long term we plan on acquiring land in many nations around the world to establish "Feudal Estates" run by our Lords and Ladies to uplift local communities. We're also planning on expanding our military capabilities as well as putting a private communications satellite into orbit.

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