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ACT LIKE A PRINCE - a handy guide to noble manners
My new book "Act like a Prince – a handy guide to noble manners" is nearly finished and will be available on Amazon by the end of 2018. The text features 100+ pages of advice on princely etiquette and manners, as well as interesting and amusing facts, quotes and tricks from some of history's most famous gentlemen. Check out my webpage for a selection of the contents [Image: 1f642.png]

[Image: ibooks-Boksidatillhemsida-1.jpg]
Visit: The Most Serene Principality of Lorenzburg
Artist Portfolio: H.S.H. Prince Freï of Lorenzburg

Isaiah 35:1: "Laetabitur deserta et invia et exultabit solitudo et florebit quasi lilium" - "The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus

[Image: Sacrivexliten.jpg]
Overall looks like it should be good but I would take issue with the idea that one must always stand up (some people simply aren't able to easily stand up or able to stand up) as per the extract.
People seem to forget accessibility and disability quite a lot.

Another handy hint you could include is that if a person has low or no vision, when entering a room announce who you are

[Image: FbVQJ7b.png] 

Her Majesty Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor, Jarl of Denton, Queen of Pentacles, etc.
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture, Minister for State Security and Civil Defence & Minister for Women.

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