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The Federal Kingdom of Falvia
[Image: New_Falvian_Flag.png]
The Kingdom of Falvia
~ For Freedom and Peace ~

The Kingdom of Falvia is a micronation located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada. We also have claims of land in southern Norway. we have 20 citizens as of our 2018 National Census, and we have 7 people running for parliament and executive positions. Our election is on the First of January, and terms last 4 months. Prime Minister's have a 2 term limit, while Parliament has no term limits. We have 5 political parties that cover the entire political spectrum, with one party currently controlling parliament and Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. The Head of state for Falvia is the King and Queen of Falvia, with the Head of Government being the Prime Minister. We have freedom of speech, press, peaceful assembly, petition, peaceful protest, and religion. 

We suggest that you join the Discord server, as well as overlook our wiki page, and consider to join the nation!

©Copyright Kingdom of Falvia, 2018
King Hville I of Falvia
[Image: Falvian_Coat_of_Arms.png]
The  Kingdom of Falvia
EST. 2017
Do you by chance have a map of your intended area of geography?
The Government of the Kingdom of Madrona in exile

o Nationalist o Activist o Monarchist o Royalist o Separatist o Humanist o Philanthropist o Realist o Research Scientist o Imperialist o Patriot o Progressive o
Welcome! Evanoria is also located in the Pacific Northwest.
Peter I, King of Evanoria

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