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Digital Household Staff
There is a concept that I have been thinking about for quite some time and I wanted to run it by the forum, both to get input and because many of those here are far more technologically savvy than I. What is the consensus on digital assistants and other automated processes or technologies, to the extent of forming an effective digital household staff? Amazon Alexa vs Google Home would probably be the primary question, but are there other "internet of things" technologies that could come close to the "Jarvis" concept from Iron Man?

We run our own micronations, often exclusively through automated or digital means, so there ought to be ways to run a household or feudal estate in similar fashion. 

I am looking into interactive security cameras and baby monitors for my daughter, and for Christmas my wife gave me a digital coffee mug that I can control with an app to keep my coffee the perfect temperature. (important to those of us who value such luxuries) and I already automate much of my bills and business correspondence,  but what are some other ideas? What do yall do within your government or nation?
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Having some knowledge of database management or enterprise management software seems like a useful thing to me. I've started using Microsoft Access to organise personal finances, and want to use this and project management methods to plan my life out more effectively.
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The government of the GNSR uses Google Sheets to keep rosters of all members of our political party, we also use technology to keep track of all our citizens. We even use technology for out court.
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Unfortunately (deeply), we're a ways away from having something like J.A.R.V.I.S. or even (the proper) Cortana, however when that day comes, things will most certainly become interesting. Personally I'm not all that impressed with Alexa or similar devices. If I need a light turned off, I'm still capable of doing that myself.
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New Florence uses Zapier and IFTTT quite effectively, but we're nowhere close to maximising the potential of those services.
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