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New book published
My new book ACT LIKE A PRINCE: a handy guide for noble manners is finally published.

Quote:This book on etiquette and manners is a contemporary version of the ancient literary genre known as specula principum – “Mirrors for Princes”, that is, books for, by or about rulers and their vocation. However, you don’t have to have a vast kingdom of your own to benefit from the tips, tricks and age-old wisdom within these pages. Today, acting like a prince is a matter of taking control of your own life, and of going into any social situation with grace and confidence. This book is filled with practical advice on etiquette, philosophical reflections on manners and timeless guidance on how to live an ethical life. 

Each of the nine chapters is a mix of tips on contemporary etiquette as well as selected quotes, adages and reflections from philosopher/ writers from the Renaissance up to our times. Some of the "ancients" quoted, and commented, include Erasmus of Rotterdam, Baldessar Castiglione, Baltasar Gracián and Giovanni della Casa. Modern writers include Baron von Knigge and Lord Chesterfield. Even contemporary film maker, artist and mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky is quoted, with comments.

In all, the book is a pocket guide on princely behaviour for the contemporary prince. Kindle version soon to be published. Meanwhile, find the book here:
ACT LIKE A PRINCE for ibooks

[Image: ibooks-Boksida-1.jpg]
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Since I don't have iBooks, I will look forward to the Kindle version coming out. It seems interesting. I have taken quite a bit of etiquette courses in my lifetime, from attending Cotillion as a young boy growing up in the South, to manners and etiquette training in school, and then military and service etiquette as a military officer and a General's aide. I have been introduced to royalty and helped plan events that had royals in attendance, but I have never had any training specifically on royal etiquette. I look forward to learning something new.
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Great to see literature written by micronationalists!
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