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Diplomacy by Correspondence
Are there any micronations that are open to receive diplomatic correspondence via physical letters rather than email or social media?  That would require at least some level of trust in giving out a physical address, so this would probably be an option only for adults or well-established micronations.
Siar Fordell could be open to diplomacy through physical correspondence. Also economic transactions. What sort of diplomacy did you have in mind?
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I was asking in the abstract, simply because I know it would change the dynamic (for the better) for so many micronations to have “snail mail” correspondence that requires thought, effort and decorum. And, indeed, actual trade. Perhaps slowing down and putting more consideration would improve the quality of micronationalism in general.
I would be willing to do this.

I think it would be more personal to say the least.

But I feel I would have to hold the other nation to a much higher standard.
Kohlandia is open to postal diplomacy, providing it is of a standard at least slightly higher than sending a post-in note with "hi" scrawled on it.

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