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Tennis takes the top spot in the PRKM
From the Engels Daily:
12th February Juche 108
Sports has always been a keen interest for all the citizens of Karl Marx Urbo, but no one sport ever stood out as the number one go to sport, although for a time golf seemed as though it just might clinch the title. However, with the newly constructed tennis courts in the industrial area of the urbo, more people than ever are taking up the sport of tennis. These courts are free for all to come and play and come and play the people have, in fact sometimes during lunch hours it's hard to find a free court.
"These courts are great", Claudia Wannemaker tells us, "I had never played tennis before but because of the wise leadership and the strength of our socialist system I have been gradually getting better and winning matches. I am even entering myself into a little league organised by my work department."
These small independently organised leagues and competitions are beginning to spring up every week and the calls for a nationally recognised amateur or competition are beginning to get louder. A statement from the SACD PRKM is still yet to be issued regarding anything official, but sources close to the committee are telling us that preparations are being made and looked into.
Until that does happen though, the people here on these courts will continue to find enjoyment in their use and will look forward to many more courts being built around the urbo in the future.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to simulate tennis matches? The more entertaining the better please :)
President of the State Affairs Committee for the Defence of the PRKM
The Peoples Republic of K-Marx

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