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States' rights in federal micronations?
Where and how do other federal micronations decide what the powers of their states are and the power of the federal government is? This is currently one of the roadblocks to the National Convention of 2019, the government body working on the new Mahuset constitution. We're currently analysing a whole set of various federal macronations' and micronations' constitutions as to see what their approaches are.
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Oj Emiel Emiel,

Other federations decide the division of power based on how many stroopwafels that state has vs. another state.

However, you will not have any more stroopwafels made from Blepian golden wheat, so I don't know how to help you on this one tbh. Maybe you could order some online? That might help. Can't have a federation without Van Kanker's Political Theory of Stroopwafel Balance.
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The GDR uses the American Constitution (with various modifications) as its own. The GDR (Greater Dashist Reich) is the federal entity, under the federal entity are various Nation-States which are either republics, administrative territories, and protectorates. State's Rights (what we call in Dashland National Rights) are applied to all sovereign states within the Reich but with limits. Unlike in the United States with the 2nd. Amendment Right to Bear Arms, no nation shall create unconstitutional laws which contradict the 2nd. Amendment of the Dashian Constitution, which means that no nation shall infringe on the right of the people to bear arms in their nation. For example, in most US States it is illegal for non violent felons to bear arms whereas the US constitution doesn't say anything about non violent felons not being allowed to bear arms. Now in Dashland all amendments of the constitution applies to each nation within the Reich of Dashland (Dashist Reich). So non violent felons can bear arms in all nations within the Reich under constitutional law. Now other laws that pertain to a specific state which aren't coverd in the Dashian Constitution fall under National Rights. Example of National Rights between Dashian nations are as follows; it is illegal in the Republic of Newmerica to have your license plate displayed anywhere but on the front and rear bumper of your car, whereas in any other nation you can put them in the front windshield and on the trunk lid or any other area on the rear of your vehicle in addition to the US state issued license plate.
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It’s one of those things that evolves over time, I find. There’s a balance of power unique to each nation. In the Nemkhav Federation, Member states enjoy strong powers on pretty much all matters except for foreign affairs. The constitution requires the federal government to help each state reach its own cultural & political potential. The federal authorities can only intervene in these local affairs if something contrary to human rights or otherwise repugnant to the constitution is happening.

In my experience the more unique the local culture & political systems are, the more local powers they’ll fairly require. If you have a monarchy here and a republic there, there’s not much federal ground between them unless as I said foreign affairs is involved or human rights etc.
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