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Kingdom Of Aldora
Kingdom Of Aldora

Kingdom Of Aldora is independent and sovereign nation, established by King Ananias in 22th of January 2019.

The nation was founded on the basic foundations: courage, strength and determination.


Kingdom Of Aldora is a country based on the system of absolute monarchy, it means that the monarch is in the hands of the judiciary, legislative and executive power (for obvious reasons, the king appointed his representatives to individual centers of power, personally dealing only with matters of the highest importance and maintaining a state where there is no conflict of interest to any of the subordinate centers of power).

Kingdom Of Aldora is a neutral country, it doesn't take part in any war breakouts, war negotiations or war alliances. In the case of long-term wars, it is ready to receive war refugees.

Climate and location

Kingdom Of Aldora lies in the north-eastern part of Poland, near the border with Lithuania, the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

In comparison with other countries, Kingdom of Aldora is relatively often affected by the influence of the Arctic and continental masses of air. It is precisely because of the Arctic influences that this country is counted among the coldest.

Winters are generally long and frosty, and spring arrives very late (though not always). Summer is usually short, but it is hot and steamy. This is the reason why the latest flowering date of apple trees is noted here along with the growing season of plants caused by the local microclimate. Thunderstorms tend to be quite peaceful here, although due to climatic changes, they are getting stronger every year. However, the climate even allows for the successful cultivation of vines. Currently, the temperature in winter drops to about -24 degrees Celsius. In the past, there were bitter frosts.


In the Kingdom of Aldora, the working currency is the Aldoran dollar, however, in other cases, it is possible to use the universal currency, the American dollar.


In Kingdom Of Aldora the official languages are Polish and English, as well as other languages that belong to the category of auxiliary languages


The Kingdom of Aldora celebrates the following holidays:

1st of January - New Year

22th of January - King Ananias' birthday/independence day

14th of February - Valentine's day

12th of March - Flag day

April(Movable holiday) - Easter/Passover

First monday of september - Labor day

31th of October - Halloween

25th of December - Christmas

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For diplomatic relations or else, contact via email:

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Welcome!! I have relatives about 345 km away from you in Minsk in Belarus.
Rayiys of Pinang
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General of Military Forces
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Governor of Oblast of Estosadok-Costituzione

"It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy's strength, surround them; if five times, attack them; if double, be able to divide them; if equal, engage them; if fewer, defend against them; if weaker, be able to avoid them."-  Sun Tzu

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