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The Imperial Republic of Valastan
The Imperial Republic of Valastan is a small micronation located in central Ohio. It was founded on December 1st 2015. The nation has an elected council for the day to day running of the nation while there is an Emperor who has a vote on the council. The country is split into electoral groups who will vote for someone to have a seat on the council for a 5 year term. The government mainly rotates around the military. The military is organized into two main branches. These are the land based military, nicknamed the blue war horse, and the imperial navy. The navy can be broken down into the royal and citizens navy. The Army however contains the Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Peace Keepers, Guards, the hunting and anti poaching devision, and the citizens militia. The highest honar is the title of knight which our ranks all others, including General. The government is based on a constitution. All citizens have the rights entitled to them by the bill of rights. The flag is designed to reflect the nation's identity. The red white and blue reflects the parent nation of the U.S.A. The shield symbolises the military and the red star symbolizes the whole of the empire. The nation only recognize one holiday, Valastinian independence day. P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture of the flag.

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