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What is your Ideology?
liberalism, environmentalism and a bit of conservatism.
Antifascism, anticommunism, capitalism, social liberalism, civilian dictatorship, and secular humanism.
The people of Volaria are entitled to freedom of speech, expression, religion, and healthcare regardless of gender, race, or orientation.
Senator Esty Wrote:Anti-fascism, Anti-racism, Anti-nazism and Social Liberalism.
I add to my list Green Liberalism and Liberal Interventionism.
Rayiys of Pinang
President of Pinang News
Director of National Assembly
Co-President of the Liberal Constitutional Party
Sergeant of Department of Oblast of Estosadok-Costituzione
General of Military Forces
Mayor of Estosadok-Costituzione
Governor of Oblast of Estosadok-Costituzione

"It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy's strength, surround them; if five times, attack them; if double, be able to divide them; if equal, engage them; if fewer, defend against them; if weaker, be able to avoid them."-  Sun Tzu

For more informations:
My ideology is social liberalism, republicanism and secularism
Ex-President of Baránok
President of the Republican Party
Mayor of Goji

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