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The MISA is back!
As the new moderator of this subforum(thank you Jonathan), I would like to announce that MISA is back! I would love to hear your ideas for the future of this group!
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remind us, what is MISA again?
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(23 Apr 2019, 17:18:29)ThegnSiarFordell Wrote: remind us, what is MISA again?

the "Micronational Institute of Standards and Accreditation"
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I know about this, my own nation actually has a Microcode.
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This will be great! How about certified courses for certain micronational positions/roles? i.e. All member's micronational police have to be trained to a certain standard, or all member's legislature has to be written to a certain degree of clarity. How about a separate thread for the standard, registration and development of member states' flags, coats of arms, logos or emblems? With MISA, we should be able to achieve a greater degree of credibility and professionalism among the micronational community as a whole. In order to attract more members, why not start a Discord server?

A few questions r.e. membership: How will membership work? Will it follow a system similar to that of the GUM? Or will there be no definitive members - just those micronations who participate and ratify the standards? What will you have to do to become a member? Will membership be granted to individuals representing micronations or to the entity of a micronation? Can anyone suggest a standardisation or does it have to be a full member? Thank you, and any answers will be welcomed. I shall look forward to doing business with MISA, provided that starting it up again is still a thing.
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If it is OK I have started a discord server for MISA. You can join here: I have created various roles but not given myself any of them - I am waiting for approval from PrimeMinisterArconia as this is technically his organisation.

Due to the inactivity of the forum he has until the same time next week and then I'll assume the MISA had died and re-start it myself.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
Just because I'm're time is up (you have had 2 days). The MISA is dead - long live the MISA.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.

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