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Please Let Our Kingdom Live
I would like to say that we have no ties to the Burgerkingionia on the forum. They were irresponsible children. They done things that we do not endorse. I have founded this country on their same belief system without the spamming of posts. We still hold the belief that our religion is the ONLY relgion. I am the SECOND King of Burgerkingionia and promise that we will act as a true nation. 
All we want to do is live a nice long fulfilling life and then ascend into the heavens of burgerking.
If you have any questions pls leave them in the comments below
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peace out everybody 
-The Second King of the Best Micro-Nation BurgerKingionia 
All other nations shall bow at our feet for we are the supreme race of burgers
If you sneezed while reading this bless your face

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