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A New Language - Kaznykǔcaš
I have begun working on a new conlang for Kaznika. The language is designed to be easy-ish to learn, though it sounds harsh. It is a mix of north germanic language, western slavic language, southern uralic language, a bit of Latin, some Celtic, and some original concept. The language will be made one of the official languages of Kaznika, alongside English and Latin. If you have questions, let me know.

Also, if anyone knows a website I can use to effectively teach Kaznykǔcaš to my citizenry, I would appreciate it.
His Eternal Imperial Majesty, Siôn Barrick
His Eternal Imperial Majesty, Siôn Barrick, Grand Emperor of Kaznika, King of Vakryvír, Lord of Lájagard, Knight of the Order of the Silver Crown, Knight of the Order of the Scarlet Hammer, Imperator of the Argent Legion, Villicus of Dolorism


Trial and failure is more desirable than hesitation and stagnation ~ H.E.I.M. Siôn Barrick
Try Memrise.
Admiral Of the Naval State.

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