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Beatus Cras
Hey all,

So I’m Eli, one of the founders of the Beatus Cras (colloquially called the BC). We’re a simulationist micronation focused on making tomorrow better-by doing things today. We promote volunteering in our local communities to accomplish this.

Our government system is a synarchy, which means harmonious rule. We are well aware of the negative connotations of synarchy, but it sounds cool so we don’t care. We have a council of equal heads that make major decisions, with department heads focusing on lesser issues. Our focus on volunteerism over politics means we don’t have a lot to discuss besides projects, but any major legislation that we do pass will be voted on by our citizens.

The BC has been around since 2015, though it has stayed more of a personal project than a fully-fledged micronation (in the sense that we did not make it public outside of our group). We now have a website and are posting our monthly challenges, which I highly encourage you to take a look at! The website is pretty bare bones as of now, since I am uhh mostly tech-illiterate and both of the very tech-literate members are currently indisposed.

I’ll introduce myself a bit more now- as I said I’m Eli, and I run most of the public aspects of the BC. If you contact us I’ll probably be the one answering. I’m currently studying Public Affairs in northern Texas and hope to do something with local governments in the future. I’m not very used to posting things online but I am very friendly if you would like to talk!

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