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Ban Anti-Vaxxers?
Should I ban anti vaxxers because it’s a safety hazard and everything
Your turf, your rules. In any case, it protects a huge portion of the population through herd immunity as well as sickly people who cannot be vaccinated due to actually medical reasons (outside of parental idiocy).
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This is a tough decision, and while I am, in principal, in agreement with you, it has proved difficult to enforce. A desire to protect my people is in direct conflict with a desire to protect the freedoms of decision and rights of conscience to those affiliated with me and my holdings.

An example: The Thegn and Lady of Siar Fordell have vaccinated our daughter and heir against everything imaginable, but her grandparents, my in-laws, have not received a flu shot, or other periodic vaccines, as they are, apparently, an inconvenience. It should be noted that they have all been vaccinated against major diseases, such as chicken pox, small pox, polio, etc. as a matter of course... it is the recurring illnesses that have proven problematic.

Rather than banning them from our holdings, or forbidding contact with those under our care, we have simply chosen to shame and ridicule them until they relent and get the appropriate treatment. Extra precautions are taken when those among the royal family are in their presence, but this does not change the fact that we believe everyone should be vaccinated to the extent that our scientific advancement allows.
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