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Hello from the Democratic Republic of Tsuvya
Nation: Democratic Republic of Tsuvya
Government Type: Democratic Republic
Your name and style of address: Mr President, Andrzej Mazur
Population: 17
Macronation: UK
Capital city: Pozvodem
Leader/Head of State/Head of Government: President Andrzej Mazur
Foundation Year: 2017
Languages: Tsuvyan / English

  1. Is there anything special about your micronation?
    Tsuvya has been built on for almost 2 years and has an almost fully fledged conlang (Tsuvyan) which has around 5 speakers each with varying degrees of fluency. Tsuvya has land claims in the north of England.
  2. What is the area of strength in your micronation (economical, judicial, legislative, social, etc)
    Tsuvya focuses heavily on science with most of our citizens having a background in scientific areas such as physics and computer science. This spreads over into other areas such as our military. For example  the Tsuvyan Air force consists of 3 automated quadcopter drones that are made by our nation we plan to expand these to 12 by the end of the year. Tsuvya's constitution is yet to be finalized.
  3. What type of micronation is it (simulationist versus secessionist versus idk)?
     4. What do you hope to achieve with MicroWiki?
         Tsuvya wishes to establish strong diplomatic relations with other serious micro-nations which would allow us and our diplomatic allies to achieve their goals.

Hello from Tsuvya! We shall be posting more information about our nation soon.
Good evening and welcome to the forums! What type of alliance are you looking to establish? The GDR is mostly isolationist but we are willing to establish relations to a couple nations.
- His Excellency, The Führer of the Greater Dashist Reich

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