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This forum has really become a waste of domain space
It is a shame.

However; it is not hard to see the great shift of activity between this forum and Discord/Reddit. Now; I don’t use Discord plainly because I haven’t tried it however I am sure they are both great evolutions within our communities story.

However; there is great expense being invested on a forum template and the domain name which I can’t for one minute consider relative compared to the much reduced activity. This alongside the fact that it is free to host accounts/pages on Discord and Reddit; meaning it is much more economically viable.

Now; the Wiki is still a huge success however I feel the evolution of us as a community has dragged us away towards services with much cleaner interfaces, easier for the web admins as they no longer have to share the responsibilities of technical and moral support.

Is it about time we either give the forum the kick up the backside it needs or take the economically viable decision to close it down for more well known services?
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Archives still come in handy
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(18 Jun 2019, 23:23:47)Tjorvi Wrote: Archives still come in handy

Completely understand this. For some people; micronationalism is about creating history and throwing that history away can be emotionally difficult.

But two things; firstly on the greater point of the forum’s existence; it doesn’t give a good look to first time readers of the wiki who potentially want to come on to the forum and be active members to see the rather reduced amount of community activity. In my honest opinion (not that it is worth much) but the forum is crucially important to the future of our community. For example; let’s say people are inspired by watching the documentary or read various articles on Molossia or any other micronations that have been lucky enough to enjoy media attention. If those individuals want to continue this research; they will find this wiki and the forums first before the Discord and any other social media pages.

There is great cost in maintaining this forum; with the servers and the domain names. I don’t think that it is viable to just make this an archive or somewhere that is fairly quiet where that cost can be used for other things
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