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Diplomatic Relations with the Republic of Cambria
Hello all,

The Republic of Cambria is seeking diplomatic relations.

If you are interested, please send me an email or a Private Message.

You can also visit this website:

Here are the current requirements:
- The nation must have a defined territory.
- The nation must be a peace-loving nation and must always strive for peace.
- The nation must give the citizens basic rights and allow them to have some sort of say in government.
- The nation must not be fascist, communist, a dictatorship, or oppressive.
- The nation must recognize Cambria as a country.
- The nation must never break the alliance with Cambria, unless defined otherwise in the treaty or rules.
- The nation must be willing to let Cambrian residents into the nations own territory and vice versa.
- The nation must have a population of at least 10 people.
President Prokop Horejs
Republic of Cambria
Website:    ---   Diplomatic Relations are welcome 
Peace, prosperity, progress. (Latin: Pacem, prosperitatem, profectus.)


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