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Online voting platform - testers wanted! Sponsorship available
Hello, esteemed leaders, officers, and citizens.

I've been working on a free voting website called Ocastio. It is currently in its experimental stages but is coming along slowly.  
I'm reaching out to micronations who want to test the platform, and offering sponsorship for those who adopt it for some if not all of their voting practises.

Gallery - check out some screenshots!

The platform

Flexibility at heart, Ocastio offers a solution to compose laws, conduct polls/elections, approve laws through ballot, etc. Its database is designed for multi-organisation use. Here's a small rundown:
  • People open User accounts, with an email and password (emails are not verified at this time)
  • Users can create Organisations, themselves as admin, and add other admins or members (via email)
  • Organisation admins can create and compose Constitutions, themselves as executives, and add other executive Organisations
  • Organisation admins can adopt other Organisations' Constitutions, themselves as members
  • Organisation admins can post polls, with multiple options
  • Constitutions are a collection of Laws, which can be made into a tree structure (that is, Laws can have 'parent' Laws)
  • Constitution executives can post ballots, which approve of Laws
This enables, for example, your organisation to adopt the pre-written Universal Declaration of Human Rights 'Constitution', or for multi-micronation organisations to compose and apply Constitutions for all members - with a body of executives. 'Organisations' don't have to be micronations - you can create specific Organisations for your different government and civil organs.

As Ocastio leaves the legal arbitration to you, Constitutions provide a unique feature: marking child Laws as inactive if the parental Laws have been disapproved through ballot. This allows you to have an automatic and flexible legal history.

Voting systems currently implemented

(Options can be textual or Laws)

Majority Approvals - individual options approved by majority
Score Approvals - individual options approved by score
Most-Approvals - N options approved by majority
Highest-Score - N options approved by score

Voting systems soon to be implemented

They are supported by the database design.

Single-Transferable - N options approved by transferred totals
Mass Majority Approval - all options approved by majority
Mass Score Approval - all options approved by score


Sponsorship is offered to organisations which make Ocastio a part or the whole of their voting practises. A spot on the homepage with a URL and small description, and a full-image spot on a dedicated Sponsors page.  
Sponsorship will last for no less than one year.

Are you interested?

If this offer interests you, visit the website here (temporary developer link), try it out, and PM me if it's a service you may want to adopt.
I have a prioritised TODO list, but Sponsors will be able to request features very early on.

Of course, it's early days, so the first proper release will look and operate better. All feedback appreciated! :)
Simply Communist.
Thought it sounded good...tried the link and it didn't work. Please may you post another.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
Well, since this post has been bumped anyways and I'm starting to find more time for being here...

It seems like this is still up on this URL:
However, I'm not sure if the inactivity of its creator here (and their micronation's website appearing to be down) may hint that platform is either abandoned or going down at some point...

Hopefully the original creator could answer and keep us informed about the future of this system, as it seems to be a simple yet effective system that, if open-sourced, could become a great place for micronations and other organizations for deciding.

Of course, there's also more complicated systems (like the Catalan system "Decidim"), but this one appears to require only one host for multiple organizations, which is really great. It seems to have been created using Java which means it could pretty easily be hosted again if the main website disappears at some point.

So, if there are no future plans for it... I hope it doesn't just disappear, but rather goes open-source on GitHub or something.
"I will either find a way, or make one."
~ Hannibal Barca
Thanks! The link you posted worked. You are right, it would be shame if such a useful-sounding resource just disappeared though.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
It kind of works and I managed to upload part of the GIRC's Constitution but after that it wouldn't let me compose any new laws without showing the phrase "invalid anti-forgery token" please may the admin fix this.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
Hi, all,
the website has been open-source since its beginning, as detailed at the bottom of its homepage:
It's still active, and is the main voting website for Eodus - which no longer has its own website.
If you have a Discord account you can chat at for help with issues.
The anti-forgery protection is clumbersome, but means at some point you navigated back, invalidating the page. Ensure the page is refreshed properly before submitting any forms.
Simply Communist.
Ok, thanks.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
(22 Feb 2020, 17:35:09)phunanon Wrote: -snip-

Great! Hopefully I'll get some extra time and check it in depth :) Great job!
"I will either find a way, or make one."
~ Hannibal Barca

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