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Hello from Meleninia! (Again)
Oh it's been far too long!
For the second time, the Democratic Republic of Meleninia is active!

We currently have a population of 3 (But searching for more), and we exist primarily within the confides of New Zealand!
Our head of state is myself, President Gmoat (Also known as Oliver Pracy), and while the original colonies of Meleninia were founded in 2017, we have refounded ourselves now, in 2019!
Our official languages are English and Esperanto, with roughly half of the population speaking it.
As we've been founded previously, we already have an extensive constitution and list of policies, so if anybody is looking to draft a treaty or an agreement of some kind so we can get on the radar with our foreign affairs, it'd be much appreciated! (Just flick me an email or a private message!)

As we say in Esperanto, Adiaŭ!
~President Gmoat (Oliver)


[Image: edit?usp=sharing][Image: edit?usp=sharing]
Welcome back! :)
His Imperial Majesty
Jonathan I
(Imperator Caesar Jonathan Augustus)
By the Grace of Christ our God faithful Austenasian Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans
[Image: 8hcAM4h.png]

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