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Hello, From Nuepruesen
Nation: Nuepruesen
Government Type: Parliamentary Monarchy
Your name and style of address: Dylan, Kaiser
Population: 1, as of now
Macronation: United States
Leader/Head of State/Head of Government: Kaiser Dylan
Foundation Year: Not Yet, but at a later date
Organizations: None
Languages: English, German, Lithuanian
Is there anything special about your micro-nation? No, not really. Probably another Prussia clone. I like Prussia, to be honest.
What is the area of strength in your micro-nation (economical, judicial, legislative, social, etc) To create a democratic state preserving Prussian Culture.
What type of micronation is it (simulationist versus secessionist versus idk)? Secessionist. A land claim is yet to be chosen.
What do you hope to achieve with MicroWiki? To document my micro-nation and be part of a Micronational Communityr

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Hello and welcome!

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