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I know this might sound a wee out of place here, but as many of you know; I have been a staunch micronationalist and have been so since 2007. During this time, I led the Tsardom of Phokland. However, recently I have abdicated from that position and have moved on from the nation, to found a new state...

Glorious members of the community, it is my pleasure to show to you today; the Principality of Graustark.

This new project (though seemingly geofictional at the surface) is a legitimate micronational state based around a common mythos and fiction. We operate however, within the real world 100%.

Anyways, why am I bringing this up here? Well, simple; As we are starting out, we are looking to fill a vast variety of government positions, ranging from foreign minister, to trade minister, to even the top job itself; Prime Minister. Really, the only other job we have filled right now is that of Defense Minister.

We are looking to form a new community (similar to the likes of Ruritania) and are asking that any/all who are interested in the wonderful things we have to offer, apply for a position.

Really, all we ask is that the position you apply for is not a conflict of interest with any other nation state or entity; and that you actively participate within the nation (i.e. by attending parliament/Diet meetings and voting in legislature as we are de facto Directly Democratic). I believe that all will enjoy this and will not only be able to make friends and give meaningful time to a great new nation, but to work side by side with many committed micronationalists within the community.

In conclusion, I hope that you will consider joining us and together; we can become something Truly Special!

(P.S. To apply, either respond to this thread; dm me; or email me (I prefer this option) at:

Thank you,

HSH Prince Charles of Graustark :)
and yes, I'm back from microforum inactivity incase you were wondering
I will listen; don’t worry about that.

There is a degree of concern about your professionalism and how you act but looking into Grawstark via the wiki and the website; it is abundantly clear that you have placed an awful lot of time into this project and it shows because the quality produced is of a higher standard in comparison to others who start here. If you need some assistance; I will be more than happy to give it to you.
CEO of "The Bedroom Republic"
but yeah the following positions are available:

Prime Minister (elected so it would just be in acting for now)

Minister of Information- in charge of running our website, issuing press statements of the gov.'s behalf and appointing/running department heads for sub-departments (which are, Department of Broadcasting, Department of Meteorology and Department of Propaganda). Basically your job would be to make weekly weather reports (see microwiki home page for example of what weather report would look like), make bi-weekly news broadcasts and create/run the state social media accounts. Preferably, you could find people to do these tasks for you and make them heads of aforementioned departments.

Minister of Naturalization- This would be to head immigration and other related matters (i.e. your job would be to recruit new citizens and get them settled within the nation by finding them gov jobs if they so desire). you would be tasked with appointing/managing Directors for the following departments: Department of Immigration, Bureau of Employment, Department of Foreign Recruitment and the Border Security Administration. As minister you wold be the one taking citizenship applications/ getting people to do it for you. Basically your job is to advertise Graustark.

Foreign Minister-  the job of foreign minister is to establish, manage and sign treaties with other nations/micronations on behalf of the monarch. You would be managing over: the Department of Trade and the Foreign Intelligence Service (our version of the CIA), again you would be tasked with either running them directly or (as I recommend) finding and appointing Directors to do it. Finally, (if applicable) you would represent Graustark at summits and state visits.

Minister of the Interior- This would be the job where you are tasked with running internat departments such as national police, and basically internal issues like the Department of Tax and Revenue.

So yeah, these are the ministry's available; of course you could be a Director of any mentioned department if you so desire but i recommend minister positions.

and to clarify, as far as general work goes, you do not need to be anywhere in person. Just have a functional internet connection so communication can be maintained, though if you wish to recruit people you know as Department members/subordinates, you are more than welcomed to.

Finally if you wish to help but don't want a job that requires a lot of effort, we are also looking for parliament MP's (x13) who basically propose and vote on laws in voice chats one day a week (for a couple of hours or so).

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