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hello people, i have two micro nation projects but i am in doubt which one to choose .. the first one is more realistic, it is a fragmented nation built under submerged islands somewhere in the ocean, the nation is called, ZAVENA .. The other is a nation in the unclaimed territory of Antarctica, in a somewhat remote region. This one is more unrealistic, but very interesting in my view. It would also be a fragmented nation in several small "districts". It's called, PASSADOMA - capital: DISSEIA. Both projects have all planned structure, economy operation, currency, government structure, constitution, secret service, air force, royal guard, diplomatic missions, national companies, etc. I have many concepts, many drafts and I intend to start this project that I find very pleasant to develop. So which one should you choose?  ZAVENA OR PASSADOMA?

[Image: 11111.jpg][Image: 22222.png][Image: 444444.png]
Go with one more likely to acquire citizens willing to live in the chosen area
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