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Mapping Software for building cities
promatia (website currently down for a month) is building a mapping software for planning cities, borders, buildings, roads etc

Who would be interested in using the software below down the track?

We would charge a monthly subscription for users.

Features would include:
  • Multi-user live collaboration
  • City planning tools
  • Styling of buildings, roads, borders
  • Export
  • Website-embed maps
  • Plus all the tools to make the maps
[Image: YmiP26x.png]
Hm. Can you clarify how this would be relevant to micronationalism and not geofiction?
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It would be used to plan cities and borders, as well as produce map exports for citizens
to clarify, it's for serious nations who actually want to construct a city-state down the track
I'd be might prove useful for my micronation.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
I like city planning and im totally interested!!
How much is the subscription?
Can i please join promatia without a phone number?
I really want to join but i don’t have a phone number and i also wont get discord or a number.

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