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Brandnetelland is a micronation situated in the Ardennes department in northern France. It is a very eco friendly nation, we produce our own food, are nearly off-the-grid and elektricity is generated through solar panels.
I am working on a special map of Brandnetelland which will be released in the coming days but below is a map to give an indication of het location. The country is very small, around 0,1 Hectare or 0,25 acre. I will soon post some pictures.
[Image: OVMHjVd.jpg]

Ah oui, j'aime les micronation sérieux. C'est un bon idée!
[Image: CoA_Alex.png]
His Serene Highness Prince Alexander Von Hapsburg
Prince of Wildwood, Duke of Grover 
The Only Wildwood

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