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Diplomacy with Nottingham
I would like to offer any serious micronation a diplomatic relationship, treaty, and embassy. If you are interested, contact me or post on this thread.

Sincerely, Emperor Luke I of the Nottingham Empire
Good Morning,

I represent, in my capacity of Chief Diplomat, the Grand Imperial Republic of Casteau. I have sent this message to notify you of our interest to engage in the diplomatic relations previously outlined.

Yours Faithfully,
HIM Emperor Joseph I of the GIRC
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.

In 2018 the people of the Republic of Scoria declared their nation’s independence, Scoria joined the universe of micro nations as their youngest member.

As an irenic and open nation the people of Scoria want to have ties of friendship with other (micro)nations and would appreciate if your nation and Scoria recognise each other as independent nations and start a friendly contact.

To learn more about Scoria please visit our nation’s web representation or

We look forward to your reply and the years of friendly and cooperative contact that lie ahead of us.

For the people and nation of Scoria
R.M. Grainger
Federal President
Please be careful of thread necromancy.
The Government of the Kingdom of Madrona in exile

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