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Kingdom Of Damora
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Damora, officially known as Kingdom of Damora is a micronation located in northern east Poland, and commonly known as. Damora is made up of three provinces: Guardia, with capital city of Astera (as capital city of Kingdom of Damora), Asombra, with capisal city of Verna, and Celesta, with capital city of Pontia.

Damora was founded by the Royal Decree, by the will of the citizens and on the order of HM king Gregory I. Damora was founded to become independent and sovereign nation, defending human rights, animal rights, the rule of law, as well as the independence of the monarch from political groups. Kingdom Of Damora is a country based on the system of absolute monarchy, it means that the monarch is in the hands of the judiciary, legislative and executive power (for obvious reasons, the king appointed his representatives to individual centers of power, personally dealing only with matters of the highest importance and maintaining a state where there is no conflict of interest to any of the subordinate centers of power). Kingdom Of Damora is a neutral country, it doesn’t take part in any war breakouts, war negotiations or war alliances. In the case of long-term wars, it is ready to receive war refugees. According to a census, Kingdom of Damora has 13 citizens. National sport in Kingdom of Damora is football, and the national animal is white tailed eagle.

For more information, please check out our official website at

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Instagram: @damoragov_official
Twitter: @DamoraGov

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