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Micronational History
Hello all,

Are there any micronational universities which offer a course on micronational history?

Thank you,
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
Just to be clear, you don't mean a macronational university that offers courses on micronational histories?
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To clarify: a micronational university (i.e. a university created by a micronation) offering courses on micronational history.
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
If yes, and it is free, I would be interested in participating. Basically I do the course and the qualifications from that university become officially recognised by my micronation. Any takers?
HIM Joseph I, Emperor of the GIRC, First Lord of the Treasury.
This question raises another question for me: are there any micronational universities that are actually active and serious enough to actually teach such a matter? I've been long gone and can't remember any actual micronational university, at least not one that actually teached anything.

Also, Tjorvi's reply made me wonder if there's any macronational university that teach anything about micronations.

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Micronations could be studied as a movement, but you'd have to be able to find someone able to accept you into a doctoral program and fund your research. That said, there aren't any micronations around here that are able to offer anything beyond a simple academy. As for Zenrax, it offers a much different sort of environment for academic collaboration, but it's nothing like a formal university.
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