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Thinking about starting a new micronation project.
So I've had the thought in the back of my mind a lot. I really did enjoy my time as a micronationalist. And since then I have now matured and think that my project nation, will be a lot better than my last.

Speaking of my last micronation, Patrima. That failed because I and my friends had constructed the nation around us all being very active, something that did not happen, and that then led to the nation feeling abandoned and then officially being declared 'dead' by me and a friend. 

So my new project will be built in a way so there only needs to be me for it to function, but still making it fun. Because no matter how seriously you take micronationalism it is supposed to (well what's the point if it's not?) to be fun.

Well anyway, I've read now the last few posts about making these forums more active. And while I wasn't really here when they peaked I was here when they were quite active (at least from my perspective). So I hope that my project can increase the activity here a little bit at least. Otherwise I'll move to discord more permanently. But I like these forums a lot more since they're much more structured.
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Welcome back!! :-)
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nice idea
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